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As people that had never built a house before, we didn’t know what to expect and I think overall we had a really good experience. It is a lot different than buying a house because you have so many choices. We had pretty much decided that if we ever built we would go with Integrity and when the opportunity arose we asked and you had just started building the Cabina plan again. It was pretty much the only one in our price range. We jumped at the chance. There will always be issues that arise with the new house but I feel like Integrity did their best to make us at ease and even if it wasn’t exactly how we wanted, it still was beautiful and well done. The living room with the cabinets looks absolutely amazing. I love everything about the main floor.

Ryan Mackin and Sarah Mirabile

I cannot even begin to say enough wonderful things about Integrity Homebuilders LLC. This is our second house we have built with them. Not only do they build gorgeous homes, they are the most genuine, caring people. I will always remember when Johnny called me telling me he had cancer, I was sitting right outside our new home. I cried and cried praying that everything would be ok feeling like the world just stopped. We have walked quite the road together this past year and they have been with us the entire way with so much love and support. We are so blessed God brought them into our lives. Ready for this next journey in life!

Johnny and Ashley Chain

We had a great experience with Integrity Homebuilders! They were very helpful in building our home while we were out of state. They kept us updated with pictures and recommendations and have been great with any issues that have arose thus far. Great people to work with and over all I give them a 10! Dave and Heather Davidson

We HIGHLY recommend Integrity Home Builders to anyone considering new home construction. We have been in our Integrity built home now for a year and are extremely happy, not only with our house but with the entire construction process. We first viewed an Integrity home that was under construction, and from that moment we knew they had to be our builder. Their attention to detail, meticulous construction practices, and quality finishes are top notch. The Integrity team is professional, honest, and always there to help. It was clear they value their clients and truly want them to be happy in their new homes. From design and construction, all the way through the warranty work a year later, Integrity has been awesome. Many thanks to Rhonda, Joe, and Laura, for building our dream home. Dan and Susan Finch

Our family would like to express our sincere appreciation to Integrity Homes for making our dream home a reality. This was our first experience building a home and Integrity Homes made it easy! Their quick and friendly responses to questions and concerns made what could have been a stressful process, really creative and fun! We love our custom build and appreciated all the time the team spent with us making our house a home! Joe & Julie Sola

Thank you so much for the wonderful home that you built us! We are enjoying this awesome floor plan and the space! We appreciate the patience you showed during the process. Once again, thank you! Patrick & Candace

We are so happy to be able to call the home you build for our family HOME! The home you built for the price is unbelieveable. You made our dreams a reality while being so patient with us. Thank you again for being so awesome. We look forward to showing all of my family and friends what a beautiful home you built for us. Les & Dawn

Rhonda and Joe, the home that you built for us has impressed us in so many ways. It is beautiful, spacious and has so many well designed aspects! Most all all, we must thank you for building it so quickly in our time frame. We were so excited when you said that you could finish it by the time that we needed it and event more excited when you lived up to that promise. Also, your personal reponses to all of our requests really satisfied our needs during the building process. We had two houses built for us before this one and the third one was definitely the charm thanks to you! The two of you make such a great team and build beautiful houses! Thanks so much! Doug & Shannon

Everything is going great in the new house. It is absolutely beautiful! You did a great job, from what we saw compared to the other builders your finishing touches and quality of work, blows the other houses out of the water. We also appreciate that you were able to finish the house in the timeframe we needed so we did not have to move twice. My husband has been in the construction industry for most of his working years, it is very impressive to see that you were able to complete the house within the time frame you stated, since a lot of big projects tend to go beyond the expected completion date. Everyone who has seen the house thinks it is absolutely beautiful and loves how you have made the tri level floor plan so open.

Thank you for all your patience thru the whole project, I know that we might have been a little more demanding then probably some of your other builds. We do appreciate everything you have done. Jason & Shannon

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Sneak Peak of this awesome farmhouse Riverton we can’t wait to bring you the final reveal so many cool features in this one! ... See MoreSee Less

Sneak Peak of this awesome farmhouse Riverton we can’t wait to bring you the final reveal so many cool features in this one!

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Chris Delao the floor 😍

Beautiful floor inside built-ins look very nice I can't wait to see the rest

Nick Simon omg

Beautiful love design

Omg!!! ❤️. Love this 🙌🏻

Love this!!

Wow this looks awesome!

Oh my gosh I loooooooove. Is this the same tile going in our bathroom? Laura Coleman

You don't want to miss this one!!! Incredible house and check out this finished basement! That bar is killer! Great selections, great build with another set of amazing people. Thanks for choosing us to build your dream home!!
Not in KC check out our plans at www.ihbdesign.com
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Arty Yud

Mark Duffy

Hong Nguyen 😍

Zach Hernandez

Jordan Cabrera

Jennessa Cruz omg this is perfect

Alisha Noll Elliott Roger Elliott

Yup I’ve made my mind up Makayla Palm

Awesome builders and the process was painless!!! Thank you Integrity Homebuilders LLC (Rhonda and Joe Holland, Laura Coleman and Team!)

Which floor plan is this?

I really like your floor plans!

I can’t wait to win the lottery so I can have this company build my dream home 😜 I love every single build I have seen so far. Amazing work! ❤️

Dylan buy me this

Tim Petrin I love this

Josh Nazario

Jimmy Billings

Alec Ryon this is it this is the house I want

Jessica Moss

Cam Bisson I cant stop tagging you they’re just so beautiful

Love it!!!!

Matt Johnson

Taylor Millwater if this company could just build our house, that’d be a dream come true 😍

Emery Smith omg! That kitchen & bathroom= heaven

Adam Benson this is the one!

4 weeks ago

Integrity Homebuilders LLC

Okay Facebook friends we want to hear from you!!! We’re working on different designs and while we ❤️ stone on fireplaces were 🙌🏼 the designer tile. What will it be Tile or Stone 🤔 ... See MoreSee Less

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Tile! Lol

Option 3, Shiplap




Do you build nation wide....or just where you're located.....if you do nation wide how do I go about getting a quote....I'm in wi!

So since were all snowed in AGAIN! Check out this modern Perry plan! Love love the selections and yes yes yes check out that panel wall. Its so simple but yet changes the entire room!!! Huge thanks to this family for letting us build their dream home!!!
Not in KC but love our designs check out www.ihbdesign.com to purchase our plans!
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Jonathan Henson 😍😍

Loyal Gifford 😍

God that is gorgeous I’m moving lol!

Sabrina Anstey

Chris Lewis 😍

I just love this home. Would be a dream to me.

Where is this house

Jeff Bransfield

David Lawson 😍😍😍

Megan Leigh Ferguson Aubreah Manns Alexandria Manns

I’ve got my eye on those spindles!

Steve Carlton II 😍😍

Chris Medina I still LOVE the Mel's plan but this is a good one too!

Katie Nolte 🤤😍

Ruth Mushynski Linda Jones Grindle

Is this the Perry plan or Perry II plan?

Samson Williams I’ll take this for my birthday please 😍

Travis Romero i need you to make some money ASAP so they can build our house !

Rhona !!!!

Uziel Huerta 😱😱❤️

Where are you guys based out of?

Derek Selobyt I need this

Garet 😍😍😍

Where is this home located?

Mark Rienzi why can’t they build these homes here

Since were all waiting for our 144" of snow on the 40th day of school cancellation here in KC. JK its not that bad. But here is another beautiful Farmhouse style Mel plan. Great job Tim and Julie its stunning, now bring on the warmer weather!!!
Not in KC and love our plans check out www.ihbdesign.com to build your dream home!
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Nickolas Landon babe😍😍😩

Noe Puentes mira el baño😱😱

Jeremy, let's get one! 🤑

Sweet kitchen!

That’s gorgeous

That kitchen design is really similar to what we’re doing

Josh Kelly I want this house. 😍

😍😍😍 I love it

Ryan Sidur ! Look at the master shower and closet. Also, there is the bottom stone on the outside! Maybe an idea.

Where did you get the granite in the kitchen what color is it considered?

Grayson McKinney add a big bathtub to the master bath and it’s perfect😍

Landon Bengtson this is my dream house

Steve McIntosh ...that closet is as big as our bedroom 😳

Samantha Elizabeth the inside of this is how I imagined your future home to be

Jordan Gonzales found the house we should get it’s here in KC too 🤷🏼‍♀️

Chad Way look at the inside 😍😍

Kirk Partyka. LOVE THIS HOUSE.

This house is gorgeous!!! The only problem is the neighbors are arms length on both sides.

Where are the sprinklers? Beautiful house, nice layout, lots of attention to detail. An NFPA13D sprinkler system would have cost less than the granite counters.

Absolutely gorgeous! 😍

Cheryl Smith show LF this House. It’s beautiful!!

I would love one tooo

What's the price on this home

I love your work so much. Please keep posting photos.

My dream home!!

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